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In today’s world, everyone is running around to make clients meet their requirements and pay the bills over the counter. Businesses are getting more and more competitive each day. Today’s scenario is such that, everyone is occupied in chasing targets and handling their issues that we tend to forget that there exists a world around us that needs most of our attention. The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), directly or indirectly, help in making this contribution. Through CSR, now the companies in Nepal started to make a contribution towards the betterment and welfare of the society and the country. In this manner, we, B.I.T.S Pvt. Ltd., have also started our initiation for the betterment of the place and society we live in.

Some of our CSR activities:

  • Promoting the education level of our community children with proper motivation – for this we are participating with community club to present Honor Certificate to the SLC passed out students each year.
  • Protection of national heritage, art and culture – we are developing the online information website of Swoyambhu Temple, which will help to share information related to the temple to the general public and to the world which in turn will help in protecting and preserving the values, arts and culture of the national heritage site “Swoyambhu Stupa” the initiation can be seen following the URL:
  • Feeding and taking care of the birds and animals around the Swoyambhu Temple. This has been the daily routine of the organization which we are taking as an important part of our CSR activity which is centric towards the preservation of wildlife around the temple.
  • Equal employment opportunity and knowledge sharing among the youths living in our community – our vision is to make availability of equal employment opportunity to the Nepalese nationals living around the country, irrespective of gender, caste, ethnicity and their community of living. On top of this, we also strive to educate and share knowledge to the youths living in our community via workshops and short-term trainings, which will help them to have knowledge on the new ICT trends and technologies that are prevailing in the market and around the globe.
  • We are planning and setting up initiatives for the establishment of the Buddhist Library within the premises of Swoyambhu Stupa whereby people from all around the globe can come to study and learn various literature and articles as well as books about Buddhism.