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Quality Assurance can be explained as “the continuous and consistent improvement and maintenance of process that enables the QC job”. QA focuses more on organizational aspects of quality management, monitoring the consistency of the production process. Through Quality Control, the team verifies the product’s compliance with the functional requirements.
Testing is the basic activity aimed at detecting and solving technical issues in the software source code and assessing the overall product usability, performance, security, and compatibility. It has a very narrow focus and is performed by the test engineers in parallel with the development process or at the dedicated testing stage (depending on the methodological approach to the software development cycle).
We at BITS, strive to put effort and expertise in developing a full-fledged secure and efficient software system and application to our clients that encompasses all the mandatory filed testing on the verge of QA and testing procedures.

We strictly follow the below listed IEEE standard - software test documentation process flow, a test plan document which contain the following information:

  • Test plan identifier
  • Introduction
  • References (list of related documents)
  • Test items (the product and its versions)
  • Features to be tested
  • Features not to be tested
  • Item pass or fail criteria
  • Test approach (testing levels, types, techniques)
  • Suspension criteria
  • Deliverables (Test Plan (this document itself), Test Cases, Test Scripts, Defect/Enhancement Logs, Test Reports)
  • Test environment (hardware, software, tools)
  • Estimates and Schedule
  • Staffing and training needs
  • Responsibilities and Risks
  • Assumptions and Dependencies
  • Approvals