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With the advent of new information and communication technologies (ICTs) including personal, networked computers, mobile telephones, the Internet, and email CSOs start realizing the potential use of ICTs in advancing social development. ICTs, especially the Internet, have hastened globalization. They are powerful tools that can give the disadvantaged access to information and resources that foster their economic and social development. 
Although many CSOs are already active users of ICTs, much more needs to be done to strengthen skills in the sector. The introduction and integration of ICTs represents huge opportunities, as well as challenges, in the process of transforming and strengthening the CSO sector.  Given the reach of the internet, local CSOs should actively participate in global discussions and debates - and more importantly, influencing the international development agenda. Indeed, the internet heralds a strategic opportunity for the future of CSOs as it provides an efficient way to channel information about their activities and engage with constituencies, including donors, government, the private sector, general public and community partners.
New developments in ICTs, characterized by web 2.0 and social networking tools in particular, are changing the way in which people and organizations communicate, share information, network, and mobilize in support of issues of common concern. These tools present CSOs with exciting new opportunities to raise awareness about their work, connect with a wide range of individual and institutional donors, raise money and find volunteers, both locally and internationally. Despite the benefits, however, it is still a huge challenge for many organizations to adopt and apply these tools. As a result, there is a specific need to create awareness and educate CSOs about the potential of ICTs, how to get started and ultimately enhance the impact and outputs of their work. In this regards, B.I.T.S can help foster growth of organizations via collaboration and coordination while implementing their major pillars in ICT business reformation.